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5 Reasons Workplaces Should Have a Breakout Area

Breakout Areas are becoming increasingly popular in workplaces nowadays, with so many benefits for employees, if you think this is something you could be interested in call us to talk through your requirements.

What is a Breakout Area?

A breakout area is an open space with a different ambience from the desk area where employees can move around, have informal meetings, a screen break or just take a 5-minute breather. These rooms are so often overlooked when creating an office space as they don’t allow for those few extra desks to ‘maximise space’. Initially thought to have been a bit ‘hippy’ by many, with beanbags on the floor, these spaces are fast becoming a fantastic addition to many offices.

But what are the benefits?

Mental Wellbeing is Key

With stress and mental health so regularly in the news nowadays, it is important for companies to put more emphasis on employee wellbeing. Just by providing a quiet area where employees can ‘unplug’ for a while can help reduce workplace stress dramatically. Not only will this create healthier, happier staff, but it will mean less people visiting the doctor or taking sick days.

Improved Physical Health

With the ongoing rise in obesity, we are all being advised to keep moving to keep healthy, where better to start than the place where we spend most of our day – the workplace. The human body wasn’t designed for sitting at a desk in front of a screen all day. With more work done digitally nowadays we are spending more time at our desks and less time moving, so promoting an area where people can get up and take a break can help to not only burn calories but alleviate aches and pains associated with sitting for long times and prevent eye strain.

Additional Workspace / Change of Scenery

With more and more offices becoming open plan, there can be a tendency for them to be distracting and noisy. Having a breakout area creates a more peaceful area for people to relocate to with their laptop for a change of scenery or to take a call away from the hubbub of the office. Having a break from your desk can sometimes be just what is needed in order to feel inspired or creative; to boost concentration, reduce brain fog or to do some brainstorming. A real benefit to break the monotony for the employee.

Reduce Staff Turnover and Attract Top Talent

It is a well-known fact that working in a friendly and inviting environment creates a happier workforce which, in turn, not only improves the efficiency of your employees but reduces staff turnover. Coming to work should be enjoyable. Creating a variety of spaces for your workforce, letting them know you’re putting their wellbeing first, could put you ahead of competition in the recruitment game, attracting and retaining those at the top of their game.

Interaction and Collaboration

Now we’re in a more digital era, computers have taken over from paperwork, meetings that were once in person are now online, and the workforce is transfixed by computer screens. Breakout areas are now more important than ever as they can aid in strengthening workplace relationships, facilitate communications between colleagues and encourage social interaction.

Milani Creations created such a space at Snap Products Ltd who wanted a place where employees could take a break from their traditional office space and have informal meetings.

Our designers carefully considered how to utilise the space available to its maximum potential, making it feel like a separate room but still with an open airy feel. The area was reconfigured into two distinct sections separated by a stunning living wall to create a relaxing atmosphere and bring the outside in.

The first area was an easily maintainable kitchen area for making coffee, which comprised of a concealed sink, brightly painted bespoke cabinets and integrated dishwasher along with several tables and seats. A fun but functional space, perfect for a lunchtime catch up with colleagues, or a quick coffee to refocus the mind. The second was a more relaxed lounge area consisting of a unique 4.5-metre-long sofa upholstered in a high quality stain-proof material which was surrounded with planters to complement the living wall.

Our designers take several things into consideration when creating a breakout space including:

  • Keeping true to your company’s style.

  • The use of tables along with seating which creates a natural opportunity for workers to engage with one another.

  • Making the space a real distinction from the regular workspace which gives employees the opportunity to relax and embrace the change in scenery; when they return to their desk they’ll find they have a fresh focus.

  • Creating a vibrant, and interesting place to be.

  • To include a quiet area as well as a communal area with comfortable seating.

The space you create for your break area doesn’t need to be super advanced with the latest gadgets, but if you make the effort to create a happy place for your employees, where they can take time out, you will in return be rewarded with happier, healthier staff who are more engaged and productive.

What are you waiting for? Call us today to discuss.

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