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Commercial Fit Out

The Brief

We were asked to design and create an office breakout / coffee area that would act as a relaxed but professional space for staff to grab quick meetings.

A splash of excitement and colour was also required to break up a run-of-the-mill office space. 

How we did it?

We started with a solid surface worktop, spanning 3.6m, which included a concealed sink to keep the area clean and tidy. Bespoke spray-painted cabinets with integrated dishwasher and pull-out bin system were also built to provide a fun but functional space that was easy to keep well maintained. 

To separate the breakout space from the office itself, we created a stunning ‘living wall’ with a backlit ‘breakout’ sign. The addition of this provided clearly de-marked areas that prevented the overall space from becoming confused and cluttered. 

We also designed and built a vast 4.5m sofa using high-quality, commercial standard, stain-proof fabric - yet another way we kept this space pretty but practical. The sofa was surrounded with bespoke planters which further helped to separate the area within the open plan office.

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